Auf den Spuren der Habsburger

The Hapsburgs in Aargau and the black black forest

The early Hapsburgs create their territories on the Upper Rhine. In Aargau the Hapsburgs have considerable private possessions which they do not rule over as fiefdoms of the king. They found numerous cities which they bring to economic prosperity. Nevertheless, none of these cities becomes a truly great economic center with which their rule could be well supported. In the 13th century they become holders of the large and rich states in the Southwest of the Empire under Count Rudolf IV. Together with the territories on the Upper Rhine, these are governed from Aargau. The Hapsburg family divides into three lineages. That of Rudolf IV turns its interests to the Southwest to become the powerful house of "Hapsburg-Austria." The other two family lines are unable to maintain the territories between Lake Constance and the Alps which have descended into relative obscurity. In the 15th century, these holdings go for the most part into the possession of the Swiss confederation.

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Idealbildnis von Heinrich "Jasomirgott", dem seit 1156 ersten Herzog von sterreich. (Glasfenster, Zisterzienserabtei Stift Heiligenkreuz, A-Heiligenkreuz)

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