Auf den Spuren der Habsburger

The house of Hapsburg-Aaustria as the heirs to burgundy

Like the Hapsburgs, the House of Burgundy had its possessions in two non-adjoining territories: the Duchy and the County of Burgundy in the south and Netherlands to the north. The missing piece consisted of the territories of anterior Austria. The attempts to gain control over these territories were almost successful as the Burgundian Wars and the death of Charles the Bold created a totally transformed situation. Through the marriage of Mary of Burgundy with Maximilian of Austria, the Hapsburgs were able to lay hereditary claim to the vast domain of Burgundy. In the negotiations this was divided up principally between the King of France and the Emperor. The members of the Swiss Confederation, who had won most of the battles, obtained virtually nothing.

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Idealbildnis von Heinrich "Jasomirgott", dem seit 1156 ersten Herzog von sterreich. (Glasfenster, Zisterzienserabtei Stift Heiligenkreuz, A-Heiligenkreuz)

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