Auf den Spuren der Habsburger

The Hapsburg founders of monasteries

The properties of the Hapsburg counts are found in the region of Harth, especially in the castle of Buthenheim where they reside. It is here that Otto is murdered in 1111 according to the chronicle known as the Acta Murensia. Ottmarsheim is situated 5 kilometers from Butenheim. Here Count Rudolf founded a monastery which is situated in the immediate vicinity of the forest of Harth and the major thoroughfare connecting Basel and Strasbourg. In addition to Ottmarsheim, the name of another monastery is intimately connected with the Hapsburg Dynasty. Muri is situated a few kilometers from the fortress of the Hapsburgs in Aargau. Radbot donates this property to his wife Ita between 990 and 1000 as "morgengabe." According to the Acta Murensia she founded a monastery there in 1027. One cannot help but find parallels between Muri and Ottmarsheim. Each is the final resting place for one of the two brothers. Perhaps there was already the wish or awareness at that time to create two separate lineages, each with its own gravestone.

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Idealbildnis von Heinrich "Jasomirgott", dem seit 1156 ersten Herzog von sterreich. (Glasfenster, Zisterzienserabtei Stift Heiligenkreuz, A-Heiligenkreuz)

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