Auf den Spuren der Habsburger

The nobility

The family of Masmuenster was the object of great admiration in Upper Alsace. Burkhard fell in 1386 in the Battle of Sempach and was entombed in the Munster in Basel like other important nobles.

In the beginning, only freemen who are versed in the arts of war belong to the nobility. In addition there are more and more servile persons who also fight and ride and receive modest rewards for their services. They comprise a growing group of loyal subjects bound hereditarily to their lords.With the elimination of the difference between freemen and servile persons in the 12th century, both freemen and men dependent on lords belong to the group of nobles. The concept of the noble stands now for warriors.For their military service the nobles receive fiefs from their lords: property with usage rights. The awarding of fiefs takes place with much pomp and circumstance, under oath (spoken with one's hand raised) in the presence of many onlookers.

Sword from the 14th century
Sword from the 14th century. The wooden part of the hilt is missing.
Dagger from the 14th century
Dagger from the 14th century. The peasant population also carried such steel blades.

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Idealbildnis von Heinrich "Jasomirgott", dem seit 1156 ersten Herzog von sterreich. (Glasfenster, Zisterzienserabtei Stift Heiligenkreuz, A-Heiligenkreuz)

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